Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Card #5

This card features Tim Raines in a "Young At Heart" subset. I love the focused and determined look on his face while he's batting. On the back there's a small picture of Tim running on the Expos.

At the point of this card, Tim had played 17 of his 23 seasons in the majors. This card almost seems like a retirement card.

"This speedy veteran has recorded 777 stolen bases during his 17-year career, placing him fifth all-time in Major League history. Raines stole a career-high 90 bases in 1983 while with the Montreal Expos."

The back of the card almost sounds like a eulogy. While this was one of his last cards in a White Sox uniform, he played until 2002. He's still in fifth place, with 808 steals. He is, however, the switch hitting stolen base leader.

Three of the four players ahead of him in career stolen bases are in the Hall of Fame. One is not eligible yet, but shouldn't have too much of a problem getting in, because Rickey will tell you that Rickey is just being Rickey and Rickey is number one. Tim has a shot at the Hall of Fame. I hope one of the best leadoff hitters of the eighties gets in.

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