Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Card #9

It was about the same time that this card was issued that Billy Koch's life would take a mysterious turn for the worse. He would be out of baseball in two years. Why, because of a mystery disease called Morgellons.

At first, I was like everybody else. I blamed Billy for being a bum and a fluke. I thought it was Kenny Williams second worst move. Nothing could top Todd Ritchie. It turns out that Billy, his wife and three children are all suffering from this disease.

No one is really sure where it comes from, how it spreads or if it is contagious. It does show up in multiple family members when it does show up.

Billy went from being a top notch closer to middle relief to out of baseball in the span of two years. This isn't widely reported, but when you google Billy Koch's name, there are many sites chronicling this ailment.

Billy's time with the White Sox may have been hellish, but it's nothing like the hell his family has been through with a disease that many doctors do not take seriously. I have a better understanding of why Billy Koch failed on the White Sox. It still doesn't change the fact that he stunk up the joint, but now I know why. I hope Billy and his family don't have to suffer through this much longer.

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