Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anyone Up For A Trading Night?

Rich from Out Of The Mill is doing something extraordinary. He's trying to organize a night of card trading in the near future. The sheer logistics of that turn my brain into mush. I applaud him for wanting to spearhead such an ambitious endeavor.

Details are in this post. If this can get off the ground, then it just may be another dimension to our online community. I've already seen great ideas from other bloggers blossom into something beautiful. This is the sort of thinking that makes our community strong.

Please support Rich in this idea and let's see how far we can take this idea and run with it. I know we already trade among ourselves, from time to time. This may be a way to streamline that process.

I'm always excited about the next new great idea. This may be it.

1 comment:

Captain Canuck said...

sounds good... maybe I can finally unload all of my Fisks....

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