Sunday, April 27, 2008

4-26-08: Orioles 5-5 - Sox 1-6

April 26, 2008 - Chicago, Illinois

Let's play two!

Game 1: Orioles 5 - Sox 1

Game 2: Orioles 5 - Sox 6

After playing less than a full inning of Friday, The Sox and Orioles decided to get the game in on Saturday afternoon. The classic double header would be in full force on Saturday. One of the hardest things to do in baseball is sweep a double header. Saturday would prove that old adage.

The first game featured a gem of a performance by John Danks, but no hitting by the Sox offense. The last thing that the Sox need is a revert back to this style of game. Both pitching and offense need to be there. A lead is hard to hold when the offense is anemic. The same is true when the pitching is getting hammered.

The second game featured most of the offense for the Sox. Nick Swisher provided a boost with his third home run of the year. The bullpen was shaky, but the Sox hitters got it done in the bottom of the ninth, for a nail biting finish. For once it wasn't late inning hero, Joe Crede, who turned 30 on Saturday. Joe Crede went 0 for the double header, but had plenty of chances along the way. Brian Anderson played hero in the second game by driving in the winning run.

The good:
John Danks was perfect through the first five innings in the first game.

Brian Anderson regained some of his Spring Training swagger in the second game.

The bad:
5 hits by the Sox in the first game. Two were by Toby Hall?!

12 left on base in the second game.

The ugly:
Alexei Ramirez was caught stealing in the first game.

Errors by Konerko and Crede in the second game.

I expected a split in the double header and I was not disappointed. These days are just hard to get both wins. I was surpised by the lack of hitting in the first game. It's funny what a few hours difference will make in a hitter's approach. At least the Sox broke even on the day.

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