Monday, April 14, 2008

Mailbox Joys: 1975 And The Brick

I freely admit that I took the weekend off from blogging. The only time I blogged was to give the game recaps. I consider 1 to 2 posts a day a vacation.

I spent some time with Tracey and watched the White Sox games and bowled one of my best series ever. While a 439 series doesn't sound impressive, it is for me.

Today, I think I got rewarded for my time off. I recieved a lot of 16 different White Sox Topps cards from 1975. I believe with shipping, it was under $5. 1975 is one of my severely lacking years. Well, not anymore! Thanks to an earlier trade, I am now up to 17 of the 33 cards from the 1975 Topps set that feature White Sox players.

I also recieved a strange heavy package. My first thought was that someone had stolen a legacy brick from outside Comiskey Park U.S. Cellular Field and mailed it to me. I'm a huge White Sox fan, but I honestly wouldn't know what to do with a brick inscribed with "Will You Marry Me?" on it, or some other personal message.

It turned out to have a familiar name on the return address label, so I opened it. I found a box the size of my forearm stuffed with White Sox, Harold Baines and Carlton Fisk cards from Rich over at Out Of The Mill. On top of the box was a note that explained that these cards were a token of Rich's appreciation for promoting his blog.

All I can say is WOW! I've recieved bricks of cards before, but never anything this size. Rather than boring everyone with a long list of every card received (my hand would fall off and your eyes would dry out), I will post selected cards at random. It should make it easier on everyone that way.

Thank you for your generosity, Rich. Believe it or not, I needed many of those cards for my collection. I just wish someone had a camera when I opened the box up. I can only imagine it was priceless.

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