Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008 Want List Is Now Up

After many days of putting it off and double checking, I finally have my 2008 want list up on the want list site.

This includes the missing cards from my 2008 Topps Heritage set that I'm foolishly trying to complete. Truth be told, that is what took the most amount of time. That is why 2008 Topps Heritage is only represented by numbers of cards, instead of the player's name as well.

I have gotten plenty of e-mails lately about my 2008 want list, so it's finally up. I will update when I find out about new White Sox card releases and when cards on the want list are in hand.

I've decided to leave off most of the parallel releases. Parallels are always welcome. It just gets too cumbersome listing ten different parallels for each card. I have also decided to collect the White Sox games out of the Yankee Stadium Legacy set. Since they offer box scores and tidbits on each game, it sounded like a cool project for my White Sox collection.


Rich said...

Steve, I know I've got a bunch of that stuff. I'll throw what I have in with those Heritage cards you said you wanted from me.

morineko said...

I haven't forgotten about the trade we were trying to set up. It's just been nearly impossible for me to go through my stuff (family issues, not for public consumption.) Thanks for putting the list up.

Steve Gierman said...

Rich, cool. Looking forward to it.

Nicole, I know you haven't forgotten about it. I figured the message in your April 14th post was directed towards me, or at least partly. Your cards are set aside. Take your time, the cards will be there for you.

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