Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1989 Donruss

1989 was an interesting year for Donruss. While they didn't put out a "classic" set in the traditional sense, it's still a decent set. It has simple touches that don't seem too overbearing.

It was the end of the eighties, so the rainbow motif is in full view at the top and bottom of the base cards. The sides remind me of some random Atari 2600 rollbar error, but it fits in nicely with the rest of the design.

Some of the pictures look like they were chosen by the luck of the dart. Then again, so did many eighties releases. Of course nothing would be complete without the team's logo and Donruss' logo slapped on the card.

It's not one of the prettiest designs, but it holds up surprisingly well. The Sox have 23 cards in this set, including the ever-popular Diamond King.

7 Carlton Fisk DK
58 Melido Perez
101 Carlton Fisk
135 Greg Walker
148 Harold Baines
176 Ozzie Guillen
219 Steve Rosenberg
253 Steve Lyons
266 Bobby Thigpen
294 Dan Pasqua
337 Ken Williams
371 Ivan Calderon
384 Dave Gallagher
413 Jerry Reuss
455 Daryl Boston
489 Fred Manrique
503 Shawn Hillegas
531 Jack McDowell
573 Bill Long
606 Lance Johnson
619 Adam Peterson
647 Barry Jones
655 Mike Diaz

Nothing would be able to compete with Upper Deck in 1989. Donruss put out a nice, affordable set. It was nothing flashy, but it worked. I believe it's equal to Topps and Score's efforts and certainly is better than Fleer's pinstripe suit cards.


Jason T. Carter said...

I have always thought Upper Deck was overrated, and Donruss underrated.

Steve Gierman said...

Definitely! Donruss holds its own with the 1989 set. That same year, Fleer was obviously thinking... I don't know what the hell Fleer was thinking!

Jason T. Carter said...

I like the 1989 Fleer too. It was 1990 when they jumped the shark.

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