Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trading With Texas Rangers Cards

I always love trading with new people. New to me anyways. Every once in awhile, I'll get a trade request out of the blue. This was one of them.

Spiff, from Texas Rangers Cards, sent me an e-mail towards the middle of March with a few suggestions for a trade and a huge list of cards he was looking for. It took awhile to go through the whole collection, but I finally found a small dent.

It was a tough thing to give up so many Rangers cards. The Rangers were my grandfather's adopted team after he and my grandmother moved from the Chicago area to Dallas in 1981. We would talk every Sunday about baseball. We'd mostly talk about the White Sox and the Rangers. Every once in awhile, we'd talk about the Cubs. This was only because the Sox hadn't signed their contract with WGN yet and my grandfather could get WGN through his cable system. Unless the Sox were playing the Rangers, he couldn't see the Sox games in Dallas.

What I got:
1991 OPC Premier
42 - Alex Fernandez

1991 Topps Cracker Jack Series 2
2 - Carlton Fisk

1991 Topps
243 - Lance Johnson

1998 Collector’s Choice
60 - Frank Thomas
63 - Chris Clemons
421 - Mark Johnson
426 - Mike Caruso

1998 Circa
67 - Mike Caruso

1998 Donruss
238 - Mike Caruso

1998 Metal Universe
176 - Mike Cameron

1994 Classic
Prince William Cannons team set minus coach Jon Matlack

1994 Action Packed (Minor League)
63 - James Baldwin

1994 Upper Deck Minor League
59 - Ray Durham

2007 Topps 2006 Highlights game used
Jermaine Dye (pants) #HRJD

2008 Topps
215 - Bobby Jenks
248 - Jose Contreras
OTG8 - Jim Thome

I sent out a bunch of Rangers cards to Spiff. It may have been hard to give them up, but I know they are going to a good home. If I know they will be appreciated, I don't mind giving up many cards. There are a few exceptions, but they mostly involve the White Sox cards that I don't have doubles of.

I hope Spiff enjoys the card I sent out when they arrive. I know I love the cards I recieved. The Cracker jack Carlton Fisk is awesome! So are the Jermaine Dye pants, despite his recent performance in the field. They are all great cards! If anyone has the Jon Matlack 1994 Classic coach card that was missing from the minor league team set, that's available for trade, please send me an e-mail.

Thanks again, Spiff!


Spiff said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards. Thanks in return for the trade. Sorry to send you an incomplete set but I only picked it up for the Matlack so I couldn't let that go. Thanks again!

Steve Gierman said...

No problem, I kinda figured that. This will give me an interesting card to track down. :)

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