Monday, April 7, 2008

Baseball Legends Now Open!

Baseball Legends is now officially open for viewing! The first two articles are up. One on Ryne Sandberg and one on Carlton Fisk.

There will be many more articles to follow on a variety of players, teams and even card sets. The next few months should be a very interesting time for the site.

Yes, I contributed the Fisk article. I should be adding many articles in the future and so could you! Details are at Baseball Legends!


Jason T. Carter said...

Yes, we need writers and voters! How many HOFers are there? A lot. I don't want to write ALL of the articles, and I'm sure Steve doesn't want to either. :)

Steve Gierman said...

Not that I'm not up to the challenge, but if I do, I want a book deal. LOL!

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