Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1928 Yuengling's Ice Cream (F50)

The late twenties were not kind to decent card releases, so it's astonishing to see a good quality set from 1928. The front has been seen over several releases from different companies, similar to the different backs of the various tobacco issues, just a decade or two prior.

The promotion on the back, from Yuengling's Ice Cream, gave a kid a free gallon of ice cream if they collected all the cards. This was suspected to be a near impossible task, since card number 48, Earl Smith, a catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, in the twilight of his career, is thought to have been severely short printed. In fact, the few examples that have surfaced of Smith is tinted green instead of black and white, like the rest of the set.

A full set, which is a rare treat, contains sixty cards. The White Sox have seven cards in the set.

4 - Red Faber
23 - Ray Schalk
24 - Johnny Mostil
37 - Earl Sheely
39 - Bibb Falk
40 - Willie Kamm
56 - Roger Peckinpaugh

A sharp set from a time that sorely lacked quality releases is a no brainer to collect. The White Sox have a few Hall of Fame players, a few not well known regulars and the injury plagued last season of a veteran in Peckinpaugh. It's a nice assortment of players from a time where many were not represented well on cardboard.


BobWalkthePlank said...

I heard they were going to start making the ice cream again. The story goes that the Yuengling family started it to make money during Prohibition because they couldn't produce their beer.

Steve Gierman said...

Very cool info! Thanks!

RoundtheDiamond87 said...

The 1928 Yuengling's set was nearly identical to the 1928 Tharp's and 1928 Harrington's ice cream sets, as well as to the 1927 York Caramel (E210) and the 1928 Strip Card (W502) sets. All contained 60 cards, although some had more variations than others.

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