Thursday, March 17, 2016

2016 Donruss

I have to say, Donruss is looking awfully Donrussy lately. I mean that in a good way, but also in a not so good way. The big "D" is a dead giveaway, but even without the Donruss logo, Panini has done an excellent job in creating the Donruss design feel. And that is wonderful news.

The not so good news? This is the third year of the renewed Donruss brand and only if you put a gun to my head, I might be able to tell those three years apart by design. Sure the designs are technically all different, but they are very similar in nature. So similar, in fact, that I had to do a second take when posting cards for sale online. That is a bit nitpicky, but it's a valid observation worth considering. If Panini doesn't step up the game with bolder designs, much like Donruss did in its fourth year, then this venture may come to a premature end, sooner rather than later. That being said, the design is sharp as usual and brings the right balance of nostalgia and newness.

The White Sox have six cards in the set.

6 - Chris Sale DK
88 - Jose Abreu
104 - Adam Eaton
108 - Chris Sale
163 - Carlos Rodon
180 - Frank Thomas

Keep in mind that this is only the base set with any Diamond Kings and Rated Rookies included. This doesn't list the 1982 set, the parallels and insert cards that litter most modern day releases. This is a solid little set, if you leave the extras out of it. Nice job, as usual, Panini.


Tony Burbs said...

I do like the product, but you are absolutely right. If it's going to be pretty the same thing every year, what's the point?

JediJeff said...

"If Panini doesn't step up the game with bolder designs, much like Donruss did in its fourth year...."

With luck, someone at Panini is thinking that very thing. But I'm going to say "no", and year 4 will look a lot like years 1-3.

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