Sunday, March 24, 2019

Cards That Never Were #65

1988 Classic Red - Alfredo Griffin

From 1987 until 1991, Classic made quite a splash onto the hobby. The company got around the whole license issue by making a board game. The backs of the cards had trivia questions and even a place for the player's autograph.

Some collectors loved these cards and others hated them. I personally don't know anyone who actually played the game attached to these cards. I was always disappointed when my team did not get any cards in a release. Classic made two sets of fifty cards each in 1988. Two teams were absent from both releases. The Dodgers and the White Sox.

I can almost see the absence of the White Sox. The team was spiraling towards mediocrity. The Dodgers, on the other hand, won the World Series in 1988. It's harder to explain the lack of Dodgers cards in a 1988 release than the White Sox.

This entry and the previous will try to rectify that issue.

The fact that there are no Dodgers represented in a year where they won the World Series is atrocious. So, I asked myself who would I like to see from the 1988 Dodgers team on a card? The answer was obvious... Alfredo Griffin.

I've been a fan of Alfredo Griffin since he was in the first pack I opened in 1983. I always smiled when I pulled Alfredo Griffin, so this choice is purely selfish. It would have to be selfish reasons because Griffin had one of the worst seasons in his career in 1988, but he still came out a World Series champion in the end.

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