Friday, December 4, 2009

Cleaning Finds

Today, while I was getting the mail, a small white envelope almost slipped by me. Fortunately, I recognized it in time to be addressed to me. If not, it might end up in another pile of mail and i might not see it for a week.

Matthew of the excellent blog, The #5 Baseball Card Type Collection, sent over a few goodies unbeknownst to me.

Found these while cleaning - must be for you!

An astute observation indeed. Out of the envelope came five cards. One had me initially puzzled. I wasn't sure if it was a card or not, but one quick look into the SCBC and the mystery was solved.

Let's see what Matthew sent over this time.

1969 Globe Imports Playing Cards Blank Back
6H - Joel Horlen

1981 TCMA 1959 White Sox
2 - Nellie Fox

1984 Ralston Purina
33 - Carlton Fisk

1992 Cracker Jack Donruss Sealed Pack
33 - Robin Ventura

2007 UD Masterpieces Windsor Green
39 - Frank Thomas

Thanks, Matthew! This little bundle of happiness is just the thing to start the weekend off right. I'm still looking out for number 5 cards to send your way.

1 comment:

Matthew Glidden said...

Glad you liked them! There are interesting oddball sets out there...

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