Saturday, December 26, 2009

Parents Can Be Awesome

Even though I'm rapidly approaching my mid thirties (at what point do you go from early to mid?), my parents still try to make me feel like a kid at Christmas. I found all these packs in my homemade stocking that my late grandmother made for me. Since 1999, it's been a tradition to have Mr. Hankey sticking out the top of the stocking until it gets put away. Some may call it a mockery of the season, but I call it having fun.

Along with more practical things (Cool Water and a Sox scarf), I received the requisite ornament (I can probably fill three trees with all that I've gotten in the past 33 years), clothing, and a few DVDs (Up, District 9, 30 Rock Season 1, and the Peanuts 70s Collection Vol. 1).

After a meal of lasagna and polish sausage, my friend and I headed off to flip the meager holiday pickings on television. Then my friend got the bright idea to invite one of his friends over and we all played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture until the wee hours of the morning. It had to be the most bizarre Christmas that I've spent since I was working alone cleaning a store on December 25th.

I didn't concern myself with what any sports team was doing. I didn't check my mail or the other blogs in every spare moment. I checked, but even that was nonchalant. It was a day spent with family and friends and the only thing that could top it would be if Tracey was able to make it. Instead, she spent a nice quiet holiday catching up with her sister from Georgia and her mom.

I hope everyone's holiday was full of joy and was as stress free as possible.

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