Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Writer's Journey Trade

Sometimes the best trades don't seem like trades at all. That is how the latest trade with Jason of the Writer's Journey felt like.

There was no haggling over what was sent. It just happened. I saw JT left a comment about the Reds cards from a set I had purchased on the cheap just to get the White Sox cards. So I gathered the few meager Reds cards that were in the set and shipped them off, with a few extras thrown in for good measure.

I received a package shortly after from Jason. Inside were a few White Sox cards and 44 cards for my friend. I won't mention what cards, just in case my friend stumbled upon this post. Long time readers should know what I'm talking about though. Let's just say that the 44 cards hit right on the nose.

The White Sox cards in the package:

1988 Donruss Baseball's Best
11 - Harold Baines
25 - Ivan Calderon
67 - Carlton Fisk
81 - Ozzie Guillen
123 - Dave LaPoint
137 - Dan Pasqua
179 - Melido Perez
193 - Greg Walker
235 - Bobby Thigpen
249 - Ken Williams
291 - Steve Lyons

1989 Upper Deck
711 - Ron Kittle
715 - Steve Rosenberg
790 - Eddie Williams

Thanks, Jason! If I had any holes (too lazy to check right this second) in the 1988 Baseball's Best, I'm sure they are filled now. My friend will be excited when I finally get everything together. Thanks for helping!

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