Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WSC Birth Years: Brent Lillibridge

Card #30 - Brent Lillibridge

Born: September 18, 1983

Brent has an incredible upside. Youth and speed are among his many tolls. Experience will eventually tell the tale on Lillibridge. If he is peaking in his career right now, he will be an adequate utility infielder and backup outfielder, but Brent may just be finding out what his ultimate role in the majors will be.

Lillibridge may just be perfect for the two spot in the lineup. He can produce enough contact and have enough speed to be a threat. He was one of Atlanta's best organizational prospects before a trade landed him with the ChiSox. 2010 looks to be the litmus test for Brent. If he can improve offensively, look for him to explode on the scene, wherever the Sox can find room for him.

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