Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WSC Birth Years: Wilson Betemit

Card #31 - Wilson Betemit

Born: November 2, 1981

Wilson was supposed to turn it all around in Chicago. That never really happened. What the White Sox did get was five errors in thirteen appearances in the field. It wasn't exactly gold glove material.

Betemit is a complex player. On paper, he looks like he will do well and break out of whatever funk he is in. In reality, Wilson is a streaky player who thrived in the National League and did well enough in the American League when the teams were unfamiliar with him.

The White Sox have nothing to worry about in 2010, except revenge. Betemit was picked up the the Kansas City Royals and could possibly be in the lineup when the White Sox face KC next year.


gcrl said...

i had high hopes for betemit when the dodgers picked him up. didn't quite work out.

btw, i have a stack of sox that will be headed your way in the next week or so. hope that's ok.

White Sox Cards said...

That is always ok! :)

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