Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11

1960 Fleer #49 - Ed Walsh

On this day in 1905, Ed Walsh Jr. was born. His father, Ed Walsh, was in his second season as a pitcher for the White Sox.

Jr. started pitching for the White Sox on July 4, 1928 with a loss to the Browns at Comiskey Park. He went on to a 4-7 record that year, his best in the majors. The lineage was present but the talent wasn't quite up the standards that his father set. By 1930, Ed was mostly working out of the bullpen, a place for failed starters in that era.

He spent 1931 in the minors, but was called up for one last shot with the White Sox in 1932. His best start that season was on September 17th, where he went eight innings against the Philadelphia Athletics at home, leaving the game tied at four. The Sox ended up winning the game, but Little Ed ended up with a no decision.

Ed played in the minors until 1937, when he contracted rheumatic fever while playing in the American Association League in Minneapolis. He was confined to bed the entire summer and eventually was taken to his parents home, where he lapsed into a coma and died a week later. Ed Walsh Jr. died of acute heart ailment induced by chronic rheumatism.

The 1960 Fleer card may be referring to Big Ed, but the picture on the front is actually of Little Ed, making it one of four cards featuring the late '20s/early 30s pitcher.

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