Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13

1987 Topps #113 - Neil Allen

On this day in 1986, pitcher Neil Allen was traded from the New York Yankees, along with Scott Bradley and Glenn Braxton to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for Ron Hassey, Chris Alvarez, Eric Schmidt and Matt Winters.

Like most of GM Ken Harrelson's dealings, this one seemed like a good idea and for awhile it was. During the 1986 season, Neil posted a 7-2 record with a 3.82 ERA. Things were looking up.

Then Allen started the 1987 campaign with an 0-7 record, with a 7.07 ERA. The White Sox released Neil at the end of August 1987. He signed with the Yankees, but managed an 0-1 record the rest of the season. He did bounce back in 1988 and made forty-one appearances for the Yankees. He ended his career with a short stint in Cleveland, where he had a 15.00 ERA in three games.

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