Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7

1975 Topps #579 - Skip Pitlock

On this day in 1973, the San Francisco Giants traded pitcher Skip Pitlock to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for Chuck Hartenstein and Glenn Redmon.

Skip had a 3-3 record with the 1974 White Sox, but in 1975, Pitlock faced just one batter, Billy Williams, who laced an RBI single to center field, scoring Joe Rudi, in Oakland. Skip had replaced Stan Bahnsen in the third inning of an April 10th game, but after giving up the RBI single to Billy Williams, was replaced by Goose Gossage. It would be the last time Pitlock would pitch in the majors. In June 1975, he was traded to Oakland, along with the last man he relived in the major leagues, for Dave Hamilton and Chet Lemon.


Kyle4KC said...

Man, I love these uniforms. I wish they'd bring 'em back. This card is terrific looking. I didn't know all that about ol' skip. Good post!

Anonymous said...

I got Skip Pitlock to sign four of his 1971 cards when he played for the Phoenix Giants. I asked him to sign one "Lee Pitlock," which he happily did. I still have them around here.

White Sox Cards said...

They are bringing back the home uniforms from this era for Sunday home games this season. It's a start!

Very cool story, Sans Souci!

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