Friday, June 25, 2010

Card Spotlight: 6-25-10

1999 Topps #364 - Bobby Howry

What better way to highlight the Cubs playing at U.S. Cellular Field than to feature one of their current players in a White Sox uniform?

The height of Howry's closing career came in 1999, when he saved 28 games for the White Sox, before bowing to Keith Foulke. After that, Bobby became a part-time closer and frequent setup man. While Howry's longest tenure is with the White Sox, he is currently on his second stint with the Cubs.

Bobby ran into some elbow trouble, but made a successful comeback after surgery. When Howry is healthy and in the zone, he can be one of the most lethal arms in the bullpen. He is far removed from his best season (1999) where he struck out 80 and saved 28 games, but he is now a crafty veteran, who can still deal.

One final thought... did anyone else notice that the majority of the successful White Sox closers in the past 25 years have been named Bobby or some variation of that name? Thigpen, (Roberto) Hernandez, Howry and Jenks. Weird.


Doug said...

Don't forget about Bob James! He did have one excellent season as the White Sox closer as well.

Steve Gierman said...

Another fine example! I was looking from Thiggy to present day, when I wrote that, but you only have to look at Thigpen's first two seasons to see Bob James' contributions.

I should have gone back a little further. Nice catch!

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