Monday, June 14, 2010

The Ex Files: Ed Herrmann

Ed started his career in Chicago as a draft pick from the Milwaukee Braves in the 1964 first-year draft. He saw two games in 1967 with the parent club. Herrmann was back up with the Sox in 1969 and remained a fixture behind the plate until 1974.

The White Sox have a long history with above average catchers and Ed is no exception. With his time on the White Sox, he was a slugger (in seventies terms) that had a decent arm for throwing out base runners. Herrmann logged a lot of games at catcher for the Sox and showed that he could handle the Pale Hose pitching staff. In his last season with Chicago, Ed made the All-Star team.

On April 1, 1975, Ed was traded to the Yankees for four minor league players and cash. Brian Downing was waiting in the wings and the Sox figured that Ed was expendable. Were they right?

Ed was only 80 games for the Yankees in 1975, more often than not as a designated hitter. His average dipped only slightly, but his playing time was greatly reduced. Ed bounced around from team to team for the rest of his career, which lasted until 1978 in Montreal.

Brian went from being a part time outfielder and catcher to a full time catcher. His average was slightly below where Ed's was and the power numbers were lacking. Brian stuck around until the end of 1977, where he was traded to the Angels with Dave Frost and Chris Knapp for Bobby Bonds, Thad Bosley and Richard Dotson.


Johngy said...

Love the Ex files. I think Big ed was vastly underrated.

Slimbo said...

If I'm not mistaken, this comes from the season whereby the Yanks had to play at Shea Stadium due to renovations at Yankee Stadium.

There are so many wonderful anomolous cards of American Leaguers in their home uni's with Shea as a backdrop.

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