Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7

1977 Topps #631 - George & Ken Brett

On this day in 1977, Ken Brett became the first opposing pitcher to start a major league game in Toronto, Ontario against the brand new Blue Jays.

The White Sox started off the 1977 season looking at a field full of snow at Exhibition Stadium, but the Blue Jays prevailed over Ken Brett and the White Sox that day. Perhaps if Ken didn't give up five runs in three innings of work, the outcome could have been different. The Sox would never catch up to that deficit, as Toronto piled on four more runs after Brett's exit. The excitement would be short lived for the Jays, as they would finish with only fifty-four wins for their inaugural season. The White Sox would go on to win an impressive ninety wins, which was good enough for third place in the Western Division that season, behind the one hundred two win Kansas City Royals and the ninety-four win Texas Rangers. Amazingly, those ninety wins would have put the Sox in fourth place in the Eastern Division.

Ken, who came to the Sox during the 1976 season, would go 6-4 for the team in 1977, before being traded to the California Angels.

The picture below is from February 15, 1977 at the World Series Club of Hartford County.

White Sox April 7th birthdays:

1879 - Art Weaver
1902 - Buck Redfern
1933 - Joe Hicks
1983 - Wes Whisler

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Johngy said...

I loved those brother cards. I wish they would have done them more often.

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