Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 20

1910 American Caramel E90-3 #18 - Frank Smith

On this day in 1908, Frank Smith threw his second no-hitter.

Frank would post a 16-17 record in 1908, with a sparkling 2.03 ERA. His first no-hitter would be thrown on September 6, 1908 in Detroit. The White Sox would win that game 15-0. For his second no-hitter, the margin of victory would be minuscule in comparison, at 1-0. It would be against the Philadelphia Athletics, this time in front of a home crowd, in Chicago.

Smith was drafted in the rule V draft in 1903 and make his debut the next season. Frank stayed with the Pale Hose until August 11, 1910, when he was traded to Detroit.

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