Friday, September 7, 2012

September 7

1982 Donruss #143 - Tony Bernazard

On this day in 1982, Tony went three for four with two RBI.

Although Tony didn't do much at the end of the game, his at-bats before his strikeout consisted of an RBI single, a solo home run and a sacrifice bunt. Bernazard's selflessness at the plate and consistent hitting helped the White Sox get the early lead on Tommy John and Bruce Kison of the California Angels. The White Sox won, in California, 7-4.

Tony came to the White Sox through a trade with the Montreal Expos on December 12, 1980. He was one of the players that helped the White Sox grow with their new owners and develop into a division winning team by 1983. Bernazard probably provided the key ingredient to the 1983 team... by being traded to the Seattle Mariners on June 15, 1983. The White Sox received Julio Cruz in return for Tony, who helped spark that team win the division by twenty games.

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