Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cards That Never Were #58

1978 Topps - Puchy Delgado

Luis "Puchy" Delgado started out in the Red Sox organization, starting out in Winter Haven's A ball team in 1973. Puchy had a big year in 1976, when he jumped from A ball to AAA in one year. Delgado perhaps would have been in a Red Sox uniform in 1977, if not for the expansion Seattle Mariners picking him fifty-sixth overall in the 1976 expansion draft. Puchy was one of eleven cut in the last days of the Mariners' 1977 spring training.

Delgado did well enough to earn a September call up and Puchy made his major league debut with the Mariners on September 6, 1977 against the red hot Kansas City Royals. Delgado didn't get his first hit until September 9th, against Gaylord Perry and the Texas Rangers. It was a single to center that scored third baseman Juan Bernhardt. Puchy would get four hits, four runs scored and two RBI in thirteen games that season.

Puchy spent all of 1978 in the Mariners system, but never made it back to the show. He was traded to the Cubs in 1979 and the Cubs traded him to the Royals later that year. 1979 was Delgado's last year playing in organized baseball.


Mariner1 said...

I'm glad you were able to come up with this one. I've always tried to find any pictures of Luis in a Mariners uniform but couldn't find one. Nice work my friend!!

Matt Runyon said...

He made his debut on my 11th birthday.

Steve Gierman said...

Thanks! I just ran across the picture a couple of weeks ago.

Matthew... that's some awesome info. :-)

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