Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vote For The Inaugural WSC Hall Of Fame

Here's a Hall of Fame that anyone can vote for: The White Sox Cards Hall Of Fame.

You can vote for as many or as few players as you want. The rules are the same as the MLB Hall of Fame. 75% of the vote will get a player in. At least 5% of the vote will keep a player on the ballot for next year. A player has to be away from the White Sox for a minimum of five years for ballot consideration. If a player cannot get 75% of the vote after 15 tries, he is taken off the ballot.

The inaugural ballot includes a player for each positional spot on the field, a designated hitter, a manager, and pitching has been split into spots for starter, middle relief and closer.

Luis Aparicio - SS
Harold Baines – OF
Nellie Fox – 2nd Base
Oscar Gamble - DH
Roberto Hernandez - P
Joe Jackson - OF
Fielder Jones – OF
Al Lopez – MGR
Gary Peters - P
Jerry Staley – P
Frank Thomas – 1st Base
Mike Tresh - C
Robin Ventura – 3rd Base

Voting will be through February 14, 2011, with the results announced shortly after. You can vote on the right sidebar. Any position left open due to election or cuts will be filled by another player next year.

The results should prove interesting. Have fun!


Justin McLeod said...

I voted for Joe Jackson, among others, because he belongs in the every HOF!

Anonymous said...

Funny how great minds think alike. I was going to do something similar, but with all sports players I have seen. It seemed way too large to take on right now though.

Kevin said...

I was stingy with my vote: Baines, Peters, Thomas.

How am I the first person to vote for Gary Peters?! If we're judging contributions to the White Sox, he was one of their best starting pitchers. Read about his accomplishments on my blog.

Steve Gierman said...

Personally, I was waiting to vote for awhile. I didn't want to sway anyone's decision by voting first.

I am a little shocked that Kevin is the only one who voted for Gary Peters so far, but not surprised. The sixties pitching staff was so electric, but mostly unknown from lack of postseason appearances.

I included a link to everyone's baseball-reference page, so any voter could look over their numbers and make an informed choice, considering personal accomplishments and the roles on each players' respective White Sox team.

Remember that there is no wrong way to vote and to have fun! :-)

Jim from Downingtown said...

Aparicio, Fox, Lopez, Peters.

(Where is the write-in area, for Smoky Burgess?)

Steve Gierman said...

No write-ins for this voting, but I'm sure Smoky will make an appearance as an option one of these days. :-)

Anonymous said...

I voted for no one. If Joe DiMaggio didn't get in on the first ballot...

Just kidding, I went Shoeless Joe, Thomas, Lopez, Fox and Aparicio.

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