Monday, January 20, 2014

Favorite Cards: Milwaukee Brewers

1976 Topps #550 - Hank Aaron

I have long admired the career of the true MLB Home Run King, Hank Aaron. I've enjoyed following the Brewers, even when they were pitted against my White Sox in the same league. I've always thought the history of the team was fascinating, from their beginnings in Seattle to their move to the National League.

Well before they became division rivals of the Cubs, I was digging the classic yellow and blue combinations of their uniforms. Plus I've liked the old Brewers batting helmets since I found out Carlton Fisk wore one in the 1972 All-Star game.

The colors pop on this card against a watercolor sky. Hank Aaron's name demands recognition against the only pink on the card. The still new paint fresh position of designated hitter is displayed prominently under the cartoon graphic.

Hammerin' Hank looks like a man who has seen and accomplished a lot in his career. He is in the final stages of his MLB journey here, but you can still see the steely-eyed focus and the determination to make every at-bat count. Even posed, Aaron looks impressive at the invisible plate. This just has the perfect combination, in my estimation, to be my favorite Milwaukee Brewers card.

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