Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 Topps Legacies Of Baseball

Is this set really necessary? That will be the eternal debate. It's an interesting set with intriguing possibilities. On card autographs and a surprisingly strong checklist make this a really tempting pickup. The drawback? A box contains only four cards and only two of those are autographed on average. The biggest deterrent would be the price tag for the box. Boxes start at $150 and usually top out just below $200, depending on where you shop.

The closest thing to a base set would be the Vault Metals set. It features no autographs and is closest to what looks like a base. The cards are good stock made of metal and appear in their own penny sleeve, which cuts down on the scratching that metal cards seem to endure.

The White Sox have four cards that appear in the set. Two Hall of Fame players and arguably one of the best pitchers in the majors currently. Not bad.

Vault Metals
VM-15 - Carlton Fisk

Lasting Imprints
LL-FT - Frank Thomas (/99)

Lasting Imprints Autographs
LI-FT - Frank Thomas (/25)

Tenacity Autographs
TA-CS - Chris Sale (/199)

Vault Metals parallels: purple logo (/50), red logo (/25), black logo (/1)
Lasting Imprints parallels: purple (/50), red (/5), black (/1)
Lasting Imprints Autographs parallels: black (/1)
Tenacity Autographs parallels: green (/99), purple (/50), red (/5), black (/1)

The checklist is small and focused. It doesn't appear bloated and it's definitely not a sticker dump product. Some thought went into this set. The execution and price point might be a little off, but this is what I hope sets strive to be like quality-wise. It reminds me of a set that would have come out in the mid to late nineties without the glitter. It's a good set to pick up on the secondary market.

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