Saturday, June 25, 2016

A List Of Topps Larceny Of Bloggers

Has Topps stolen an idea that you either originally had or have put hard work into that clearly came well before they released a version of it?

Let's document this and see just how much Topps "borrows" from the bloggers. I acknowledge that Topps probably has a little lag time between inception of product and release of same product. Topps can also be stingy with what's exactly in their releases and sometimes will wait until the last minute to release details. The intention here is to try to establish when each instance was first released or mentioned by either side.

There are homages and there are outright cases of stealing. Homages are completely harmless. It's what most of us bloggers are doing with card creations. A company can also do an homage, but they should give credit where credit is due. We'll collect all the examples here and let the public decide.

Birth Year cards

1st blogger mention: January 20, 2009 gcrl
1st blogger appearance: March 9, 2009 White Sox Cards
1st Topps mention: June 23, 2016 Topps blog
1st Topps appearance: Fall 2016 (as Topps Birth Year cards)

Blogger version: Cards featuring White Sox players on the design from the year they were born.

Topps version: Topps is issuing a set of cards called "Birth Year" cards featuring rookie players on the design from the year they were born.

Celebrity Jersey cards

1st blogger appearance: May 7, 2010 Johngy
1st Topps appearance: Spring 2015 (as Topps First Pitch)

Blogger version: Celebrities wearing jerseys featuring all sports.

Topps Version: Topps used celebrities and notables in jerseys throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. Topps did do insert sets of Presidential first pitches as early as 2002 in Topps American Pie.

Do you have more examples? Leave them in the comments and I'll include them if the case is convincing enough.


Stack22 said...

I really wish they would steal my idea of bring back gum and cutting way back on inserts.

Steve Gierman said...

That would be awesome.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Steve, congrats for your efforts in exposing these lazy, unimaginative chiselers!

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