Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mailbox Joys: 1957 Topps Jerry Staley

I received this 1957 card of Jerry Staley in the mail on Friday. I've always liked the simplicity in the design of the 1957 Topps set. This set also was the first to adhere to the standard sizing that we all enjoy today. These two reasons make it an instant classic.

As for the card, the one I received was in near mint condition. Every copy I've run across look old. I'm guessing the picture was that way to begin with. It looks like it's been aged in a smokey room since the late fifties, but like I mentioned, every copy looks that way.

Jerry was only in his mid-thirties at this point. He looks like my grandfather in this photo. It has to be the angle from which this was shot. I saw a 1961 card of him where he looked young and vibrant. The way Jerry is posing is just awkward. It looks like his pants are hiked up almost to his chest. I realize it's the way he's bending, but still, Topps could've chosen a better picture.

Jerry arrived on the White Sox in mid-1956, when he was picked up off of waivers from the Yankees, and stayed until the end of the 1960 season. In 1957, Jerry was 5-1 with a 2.06 ERA. He helped win the American League pennant in 1959, so there will always be a special place for him in Chicago.

This is my second 1957 Topps card. Slowly, I am building my set of this iconic release. I will scour eBay for more deals on older cards. The more cards I pick up, the closer my collection will be to completion and the more things I have to post about. I can't wait!

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