Monday, June 2, 2008

5-29-08: Sox 5 - Rays 1

May 29, 2008 - Tampa Bay, Florida

In the swing of things.

Joe Crede and Paul Konerko both hit home runs. In order for the Sox to stay hot and stay in first place, these players need to produce. This is a start and that's something. Now if Nick Swisher could only figure things out a little bit more. He needs to stop trying to get ten hits with one swing.

John Danks threw strikes and was very effective in the game. Danks has been one of the consistent surprises this season. Throwing strikes will usually get decent results and tonight was no exception.

The good:
Joe Crede's home run.

John Danks gave a solid performance.

The bad:
7 men left on base.

Alexei Ramirez was 0 for 4

The ugly:
Joe Crede's throwing error.

A.J. was 0 for 5.

Even though the game turned out to be a winner, this is a game where the pitching kept the Sox in it. The offense needs more consistency or there will be a lot of close games on the losing end.

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