Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Of Elotes And Hot Dogs

The Cell's food just got dissed in a New York paper. But go figure, they were looking for such ballpark staples as sushi.

Endless Simmer just released their alternative list, which features the Cell highly on their culinary delights.

The only thing stopping me from trying the elotes corn is the mayonnaise used in the recipe. Other than that, it sounds very tasty. There are three things I can't stand to eat. Seafood, mushrooms and mayonnaise. I don't mind when other people eat those, but don't expect me to join in.

I've never even heard of elotes at U.S. Cellular Field, but I also stick to more traditional fare. Give me a hot dog smothered with mustard and a Pepsi at a White Sox game and I'll be a happy man. Maybe I'll steal some of Tracey's nachos for a treat. If I went to the park more often, I'd probably be more adventurous with my food selection.

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