Monday, June 2, 2008

5-30-08: Sox 1 - Rays 2

May 30, 2008 - Tampa Bay, Florida

Alexei is on fire!

There were only two decent things about this game from a White Sox perspective. The pitching and the home run. The rest was a non-factor, at least positive-wise. The Dye double was nice, but he was left stranded.

Jose Contreras was awesome through seven innings. Mat Thornton held the Rays exactly where he should. Scott Linebrink made one mistake to Cliff Floyd and the game is lost. I'm sure Scott wants that pitch back.

The good:
Alexei Ramirez hit a home run.

Matt Thornton was outstanding in relief.

The bad:
Konerko and Thome went a combined 0 for 6, but both did walk.

Nick Swisher was 0 for 3.

The ugly:
Cliff Floyd's game winning home run.

8 runners left on base.

You can't win every game and this was a close one. The Rays are good this year. A loss is still a loss, but at least the Sox were still in this until the last pitch of the ballgame.

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