Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wax Heaven Trades Shiny And Numbered Things

I never accused work of being fun. There's a reason it's called work and not "super happy fun time". This is the completion of a trade that I had long forgotten about. You see, when I trade with someone enough times, I get to trust them more. When I can build trading trust, I just send out whatever I can when I get it. If I get something in return, fine. If I don't, whatever. Chances are, I'll get something down the line that will balance things out.

I couldn't tell you what I sent out, but about two weeks ago, I received a package directly from Wax Heaven headquarters. There were only seven cards in the package, but these seven cards were truly awesome!

I normally don't collect non-White Sox cards unless they are of Harold Baines or Carlton Fisk, but I do make exceptions every now and again. There are three Carlos Quentin cards with him on the Diamondbacks. The rest are of a certain White Sox player who just hit his 500th home run last year. No, not Frank Thomas, but the other designated hitter/occasional first baseman, Jim Thome.

2007 Finest - Finest Moments Green Refractor #RFM-CQ - Carlos Quentin 098/199
2007 Topps Chrome #93 - Carlos Quentin
2007 Topps Chrome White Refractor #93 - Carlos Quentin 566/660
2008 Moments & Milestones #85 - Jim Thome 051/150
2008 Topps #240 - Jim Thome
2008 Upper Deck #287 - Jim Thome
2008 Upper Deck #391 - Jim Thome

The Thome cards have been mostly avoiding me in 2008. I'm not exactly sure why, but they are. So, it was nice to see a lot of them here. I never would've thought to pick up the Quentin cards, since it doesn't fit into my normal collecting patterns. I will cherish the Quentin cards, knowing that they were specifically set aside for me. That's pretty special to me.

Thank you for the awesome cards! They might be a small amount, but they pack a powerful punch!


--David said...

Very cool selection of Thome cards!

Scott Thigpen said...

Hey, sorry to barge in, but have you seen the Thiggy Bobblehead? He sent one to my Dad and it looks cool. Doesn't look like Bobby, but it's still cool :)

Wax Heaven said...

Glad you liked the cards! :)

White Sox Cards said...

No, I haven't seen the Thiggy bobblehead yet. Sorry to hear that it doesn't look like Bobby. :(

csd said...

That even looks like a South Bend Silverhawks uniform that Carlos is wearing. Very cool card.

Scott Thigpen said...

It's not a big deal, have you ever seen Bobby in person? :)

White Sox Cards said...

I've only seen him pitch in person. I've never met Bobby in person.

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