Friday, June 27, 2008

Card Spotlight: 6-27-08

2007 Sweet Spot Classic Signatures - Legendary Autograph #SPS-HB - Harold Baines 140/175

Well, this was originally scheduled to post on Friday. I prepped everything Friday morning, so all I had to do was write something about this card when I got home from work. I wasn't around the computer very much since then, so it had to wait.

I can't say enough positive things about this card. I'm a bit opposed to cutting up baseballs with signatures on them, but only if they are autographs of deceased players. My theory is that there are only so many of these things lying around. To cut one up would be a travesty. A living player, on the other hand, could potentially sign more.

I was surprised at how thick the actual card is. It's a good size chunk. I suppose that would make sense, since the piece of ball isn't flat housed inside the card. I'm just amazed that a product like this could turn out so well.

I knew about these cards, but was never motivated to get one until Cliff from Capewood's Collections sent me an e-mail about one. I ended up not being at the computer the day that the auction ended, so I didn't win the card that he told me about. On the bright side, I found another one that was similar and did end up winning that.

I love the integration of the old Comiskey Park photos on the front of the card. It's important to get the details right. I took Tracey out to Ruby Tuesday's last night. We were seated under a corner with Cubs memorabilia. There was a nice framed piece of a baseball diamond with a Cubs logo. In the center was a picture of Harry Caray from his days as a Cardinals broadcaster. This was surrounded by obvious reprints of older baseball cards.

One, in particular struck me as odd. It was a 1914 Cracker Jack card of Ping Bodie. Bodie never played for the Cubs. He did, however, play for the White Sox during this time. The words Chicago American were even printed on the card. Whoever put this piece of memorabilia had their heart in the right place, but knew nothing of baseball. That's a real shame, because it was a nice piece that was ruined by historical inaccuracies. I tend to notice little things like that.

I did get a little chuckle out of that. Plus, I got a big smile from this Harold Baines card that I got in the mail. Sometimes life is good.

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capewood said...

Steve, I'm glad you got the card, or at least a similar one. I was looking for any Sweet Spot Signature and managed to get a 2007 card of Jeff Karstens (who?). I just wanted one for cheap and got this for $5.25. I also was surprised by the thickness. I think its the thickest card I have. Will it fit in a 9-pocket album page? Probably not so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.

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