Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bloggers Unite: VOTC And Me

By a stroke of pure luck, Rob of VOTC and I won the same radio contest through Twitter. We had the option to pick the prize (a nice Crafstman wrench set) up at the loading dock of the radio station or pick it up at the Sears in Oakbrook, Illinois. Guess which option we both chose?

From the way it sounded (to me anyway) we would each be there by our lonesome selves. It was a little bit of a shock when each of us appeared with lovely ladies on our arms. Tracey ended up coming with me and Rob's daughter came with him. It was a pleasant surprise.

Rob and I exchanged pleasantries and small talk. Since Tracey tagged along, I brought the digital camera. I asked Rob if he would pose for a picture for the blog and he quickly agreed. Tracey took our picture and the result is at the top of this post.

Rob is the first blogger that I've met in person and the experience couldn't have been nicer. I wish we would've had a little more time to chat but you don't argue with a hungry 3 year old.



Congratulations to both of you! It is fun meeting a blogger in the real world.It makes things a little more personal when you communicate on your blogs again.

dinged corners said...

Neat! Someday we all have to meet somewhere. Really.

White Sox Cards said...

Definitely. One down for me, many more to go!

Joe S. said...

Ha, a "blogger's convention" would be kinda cool! For one, we're the largest audience of each others' work, and two, we all share the same passion.

I know a few other bloggers live out here in San Diego, but it's a fairly sprawling city and I think we're all in different parts. Although, the two others I know of have been to "my" card shop, so perhaps we've unknowingly crossed paths at some point?!

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