Saturday, September 19, 2009

The White Sox Players New Album

Available this September in a ballpark near you!

The White Sox Players newest sensation, "Giving Up!" is burning up the charts!

You'll find such classics as:

Jermaine Dye singing "Working My Way Out Of Chi Town"

I’m working my way out of Chi Town
Kiss my 12 mil option bye
I’m working my way out of Chi Town
By playing everyday
To everyone’s dismay

Alex Rios crooning "I Left My Bat In Toronto"

I left my bat up in Toronto
Rogers Centre, it calls to me
To be where the winter air
Means hockey up there
No fans means no pressure’s stare
I don’t care

Carlos Quentin singing "Wake Me Up Before The Season Go Gos"

You put the boom boom into my bat
I send the balls sky high when the pitching starts
Injury bug into my brain
Goes a bang bang bang ‘til my feet do the same

Scott Linebrink singing "In The Air Tonight"

I can see it leaving in the air tonight, oh lord
I’ve been dreading for this homer, all my life, oh lord
Can you see the ball leaving in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord

Tony Pena's rendition of "Game Breaker"

Work so hard I couldn’t unwind
Got no innings saved
Abuse my pitch a thousand times
However hard I tried
Game breaker, your time has come
Can’t take your evil way
Go away
Game breaker

Ramon Castro singing "Use Me Two Times"

Use me one time
I couldn’t hit
Use me one time, baby
Yeah, my knees got weak
Use me two times skip
Useless all through the week
Use me two times
I’m going away

The first 500 pressings will include Ozzie Guillen's haunting profanity laced cover of "Homeward Bound"!

As a special bonus, if you play the album backwards you can hear Ozzie chewing out his lazy players!

Act now, before Jake Peavy single-handedly saves the season from ruin!


JJ said...

I laughed out loud to the Linebrink one. Good stuff, Steve.

Johngy said...

Too funny. Great stuff.

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