Sunday, September 20, 2009

WSC Birth Years: Jake Peavy

Card #23 - Jake Peavy

Born: May 31, 1981

In a surprising move, Jake Peavy approved a trade to the White Sox just shy of the July 31st deadline. The Padres received 4 players, while the White Sox received an injured Peavy, who was speculated not to make his Chicago debut until 2010.

Peavy proved to be a speedy healer and he made his White Sox debut on September 19, 2009. In that game, Jake went five innings, gave up three runs and three hits, while striking out five and walking two. The Sox managed to go ahead in the bottom of the fifth and Peavy walked away with the win.

In 2010, Peavy looks to be in the middle of the core of a dominating starting pitching rotation.

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Joe S. said...

Not that I'm a Padres fan, but Peavy was the ONE guy I'd make sure was pitching before I'd even consider going to a game out here. He may have benefitted some from the ballpark here in San Diego, but he's still an electric pitcher with overpowering stuff. Enjoy him in Chicago!

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