Saturday, September 12, 2009

Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered. The contest ended last night at 7:10PM CST, but I was at my town's Fall On The Green Festival last night. Tracey's cousin's band was playing, so we had to attend. Dreams always puts on a great show and it's always a good time.

Their friend who was supposed to run the camera didn't show up, so I got to run the camera for both performances! I guess I can add rock videographer to my resume. If that didn't happen, then I probably would have randomized the results last night, after I got home.

Instead, I randomized the results this morning. I entered all eleven valid entries below, in the order that they appeared in the comments section.

I hit the randomize button and voila, the winner, they are announced.

Congrats to csd! Please e-mail me your address and I will send out your contest winnings on Monday. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

1 comment:

Collective Troll said...

wow, 7th place, thats almost honorable mention...i think that is the best I've ever done in a contest!

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