Sunday, September 6, 2009

WSC Birth Years: Freddy Garcia

Card #21 - Freddy Garcia

Born: June 10, 1976

During his first stint with the White Sox, Freddy was one of the workhorses of the 2005 World Series Champion White Sox rotation. He was dealt to Philadelphia for Jim Thome shortly after the 2006 season. Garcia has had his share of troubled times, pitching wise, since he left Chicago.

After unsuccessful stops in Detroit and in the Mets minor league system, the Sox rewarded Freddy with a minor league contract without any promises, hoping to recapture a bit of his past glories. With question marks at the fourth and fifth starter positions, the White Sox called Garcia up in August 2009. He has impressed, so far, and is in the running for a position in the 2010 Sox rotation.


zman40 said...

That picture makes him look wide and flat, like you could turn him sideways and barely see him.

Nice work on the card!

Johngy said...

Said it before, I'll say it again. Great work and I LOVE the 76's.

deal said...

If I Boo - it's not for the card - just Garcia. Worst Trade Ever - How is that Gavin Floyd working out in Chicago? ugh.

Shane said...

I had no idea he was this young - he seems like he has been around forever.

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