Friday, July 1, 2011

Card Spotlight: 7-1-11

1985 Donruss #330 - Scott Fletcher

It's that time of the season again. The White Sox are at Wrigley Field playing the Cubs in a game that counts in the standings, a practice that started in 1997 and shows no signs of stopping. In fact, there are rumblings that there may be more interleague games on the horizon.

It's not something that I mind, but I am well aware of the dissent among many baseball fans. If the current realignment proposal rumor goes through, with fifteen teams in each league, there will have to be at least one interleague series going on throughout the entire schedule. I can understand the sentiment. I still want to think of the Brewers as an American League team. I'm sure there are still a few people out there who think of the Brewers as the Seattle Pilots.

Scott Fletcher was a big part of the White Sox plan on two different occasions. Scott was one of the cogs that arrived in 1983, traded by the Cubs, and while he didn't provide the spark that ignited the White Sox in the second half, Fletcher was a part of that team. Who knows where the Winning Ugly team would be without his defense.

Scott would come back to the Sox in the Harold Baines trade and stay through the inaugural season at new Comiskey. While Fletcher never really wowed anybody in his career, he was consistent and provided some great defense. It's still a curiosity that he was drafted four different times before he signed. Three of those were as a first round pick! Would his path had been radically different if he had signed with the Astros in June 1978 or the Athletics in January 1978, both as a first round pick? Would he have made the majors as a 35th round pick by the Dodgers in 1976? We can only speculate.

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