Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome Home, Jay Frasor

I've been lobbying for years for the White Sox to pick up Jason Frasor and it's finally happened. The Sox traded for Jay and starter Zach Stewart from the Toronto Blue Jays and part with Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen.

I'm one of the few White Sox fans who liked Teahen. He is a great guy and very funny, but he is overpaid for what he does and his style of play is very frustrating. Edwin Jackson is also a great guy and can go deep into games. The downside was a high pitch total and the potential for derailment at any time. The most annoying part is that they could have been so much more with a little consistency.

Alejandro De Aza was called up and is starting in center field today. This should help stabalize the outfield a little more. Teahen was a nightmare in the outfield and no picnic at the corner infield positions. This is definitely an upgrade.

Jason Frasor is a hard thrower, who knows how to get batters out. He should fit right in with what the ideal Sox bullpen should be.

Welcome to the White Sox, Jay! I'd say you'd love it here, but growing up in the south suburbs, you already know that.

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