Thursday, July 14, 2011

Twitter Completes A Set

I use Twitter in a number of different ways. I use it as a promotional tool for this blog, but I also use it for game comments and other random things, like what's on my iPod ("Match Of The Day" by Genesis, currently segueing into "Love's An Injection" by Hanoi Rocks) or some insightful or snarky comments, depending on my mood. Basically, you get a glimpse into my actual life, in addition to White Sox and blog stuff. I've never used to to make a trade... until now.

A Twitter follower (and fellow Pale Hose enthusiast) contacted me about a card he had trouble identifying and was curious if I needed it for my collection. Ultimately, the card was identified as a 1989 Pacific Legends card of Billy Pierce. As luck would have it, that was the last card that I needed to complete my team set. I won't reveal the Twitter follower, as that user's tweets are protected, so I choose to honor that be keeping the Tweeter anonymous.

We agreed on a return card of Julio Franco in a White Sox uniform, which is always a wonderful thing to see. I loved seeing Franco in a White Sox uniform and was sad to see that the strike prevented him from more than one season as a White Sox.

Thank you! This card finally finishes off a pesky late eighties set. It will probably be one of the few times you'll see that sentence on this blog. I hope you like the Julio Franco card when it gets there.

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