Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trading With Morgan

This has been sitting on my desk since the weekend, but I've been a little under the weather since then, so excuse my lateness.

Before any more time slipped by, I wanted to thank Morgan for sending me a few White Sox cards. Ranging from 1992 to 2011, most were pesky thorns in my side that just didn't make the journey to my collection... until now.

The most interesting card of the lot would have to be the 1992 National Convention promo of Frank Thomas for a magazine called Profiles In Sports. Honestly, I don't remember ever seeing the magazine, but a little online search produced images of Nolan Ryan and Mickey Mantle as other cards offered in the promotion.

The scanner doesn't do the card justice. That pale yellow color that dominates the card is actually a blinding rainbow of foil colors in even the dimmest light. It's a nice precursor to the shiny rainbow foil explosion that would happen just a few short years later.

Thanks, Morgan! The cards you sent over were great! I'm hoping to drop off your package at the post office tomorrow. I think you'll be happy with what you find in there.

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