Monday, September 6, 2010

The Ex Files: Greg Walker

Greg started his MLB career with the White Sox in 1982. Throughout the 80s, he put up respectable numbers in a White Sox uniform. Walker had a good size following in Chicago, in a city that was hungry to embrace good players.

He was originally drafted by the Phillies in 1977, but was taken by the White Sox in the 1979 rule 5 draft. Greg was a mainstay at first base until medical ailments forced him out of games.

When Mike Diaz, Russ Morman and Billy Jo Robidoux proved not to be long term solutions, the White Sox converted Carlos Martinez from third to first for the 1990 season. Greg's role on the team was reduced to utility player by 1990 and he was released by the end of April, after only playing in two games.

In May 1990, the Orioles signed Walker and used him as a designated hitter and occasional pinch hitter, in place of an average Sam Horn. In fourteen games, Greg had five hits, all singles, for a .147 average. He also managed three walks, two RBI and his last stolen base. The Orioles released him on July 3, 1990. It's not the best ending for a player that was once considered a power hitter.

The White Sox moved onto a very slight upgrade at first in Carlos Martinez, before giving way to the superior Frank Thomas in August 1990. The Orioles ended the Greg Walker rejuvenation experiment and yielded the designated hitter and pinch hitter role back to Sam Horn.

Image borrowed from The Great Orioles Autograph Project, since decent images of this card are scarce.

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Johngy said...

Walk looked strange in that Orioles uni.

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