Sunday, September 19, 2010

WSC Vintage: Art Weaver

Card #25 - Art Weaver

Art Weaver caught fifteen games with the Chicago White Sox in 1908. Over those fifteen games, he sported a .200 average and a .953 fielding percentage. Weaver's final Major League game was on August 8, 1908. Fans said that Art's ultra thin physique reminded them of the hands of a clock, so his nickname became "Six O'Clock".

His best days were in the minors just before and after his stint with the White Sox, where he put up averages in the mid to high two-hundreds, topping three hundred twice, reaching a career best .355 average for the Salt Lake City Skyscrapers in 1912.

Asthma-related health problems eventually forced Art out of organized baseball and contributed to his early death, at the age of 37, in March 1917.


Play at the Plate said...

That's my favorite one so far. I love the big fat catcher's mitt. Also, it looks like he is wearing a bellhop outfit.

Steve Gierman said...

It does sort of look like a bellhop's outfit! Good eye!

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