Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13

2001 Upper Deck Decades 1970s #37 - Jim Kaat

On this day in 1975, Jim Kaat's twelve game winning streak screeches to a halt against the Orioles in a 3-2 loss in Baltimore.

Jim, who won twenty games in 1974 and would win twenty-one games in 1975, won his last seven games to close out the 1974 season. Kitty won his first five games to start the 1975 season, before running into the deflating Orioles.

Kaat's twenty-five year career is the third longest in MLB history, behind Nolan Ryan's twenty-seven and Tommy John's twenty-six. Despite only being on the White Sox for slightly over two seasons, Jim racked up a 45-28 record, won two Gold Gloves, was named an All-Star, and had a sparkling 3.10 ERA.

White Sox May 13th birthdays:

1878 - Frank Hemphill
1886 - Frank Miller
1901 - Leo Taylor
1910 - Boze Berger
1934 - Leon Wagner
1947 - Steve Kealey
1969 - Lyle Mouton
1971 - Mike Sirotka
1978 - Ryan Bukvich

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