Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8

1985 Topps #1 - Carlton Fisk

On this day in 1984, Carlton Fisk began a game that would span twenty-five innings and two days. Carlton would catch each of those innings, setting the modern day MLB record.

Twenty-four innings were played on May 8, 1984 until the game was suspended on account of curfew. The game resumed the next day, when Harold Baines hit a game-winning home run and three time Cy Young Award winner Tom Seaver won the game in relief. Seaver was the starting pitcher for the regular game scheduled after completion of the suspended game and Tom picked up two wins that day.

Fisk played all twenty-five innings and then was used as a pinch runner for catcher Marc Hill in the seventh inning during the regularly scheduled May 9th game, where he scored on a Scott Fletcher single. Carlton stayed in to catch the rest of the game. And they call Cal Ripken Jr. the "Iron Man"!

White Sox May 8th birthdays:

1880 - John Skopec
1893 - Edd Roush
1893 - Roy Wilkinson
1950 - Lloyd Allen


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