Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28

1987 Donruss #552 - Joe Cowley

On this day in 1986, White Sox pitcher Joe Cowley strikes out the first seven batters he faces, setting a new American League record.

Luck wasn't with Joe that day, as he only lasted four plus innings and took the loss. Although Cowley pitched in five different seasons, his one season with the Chicago White Sox might be his most memorable.

After setting a new AL record for consecutive strikeouts to start a game in May, Joe threw a no-hitter on September 19th. The pinnacle of his career came with a sharp decline. Cowley played the rest of the season with the White Sox and the beginning of 1987 with the Philadelphia Phillies and never recorded another MLB win. Joe is the only player to have his last MLB win as a no-hitter.

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